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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Beautiful Places to Visit

I know my blog is mostly about upcoming events and releases at the store, but I have some big builds in the making which could take a while to release. Every once in a while something just catches my eye or grabs me by the heart and I feel like I need to share.

I have been to a very few truly mystical places in Second Life. One of them is Metatheria. I have spent countless hours wondering around the fern filled forests and exploring. It saddens my heart to see that a lot of the sim has disappeared. One of my favorite places to spend time and take photos was the Realm of the Fae at Metatheria. Many of the pieces in my art gallery were taken on that sim. There were amazing majestic mountains and waterfalls... maybe it is all still there somewhere, waiting to be discovered again. Maybe you could find the hidden dragon's treasure trove or an underwater crystal city? The further north you explore, you may run into Eutheria and discover Pan's Grove or Calypso's Cave.  Take a peek if you love to spend time just wondering around.

Another of my favorite mystical places is Enchanted, at Elven Realm. This is a dream land. Unicorns grace the rolling hills and other mythical creatures can be found above and below ground. Beware though, the dragon trove in this sim has a fierce and beautiful guardian! Can you find the hidden crystal cave of wonder? There is so much here to see and explore. If you are lucky, maybe the unicorn colt has wondered off again and you can find it for a nice reward? The artwork area is stunning, so take the time to wander around and gaze at the wonderful work the artists are capable of.

Lofty Dreams,
Dreamscaped Dagger

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